About Us

The core of the Embellissh! family have been a team for over twelve years. 

Combined they have over 50 years experience in the embroidery industry, this and their love of their craft is the foundation of this happy and successful company. 

The team came from Vivid Embroidery after its owner emigrated in 2018 and Embellissh! was born. Relationships are key - Embellissh! customers become part of the family. In fact, we still embroider for customers who were with Vivid from the very start, and who now remain with us. 

We care about you and your business. We care about quality and the art of beautiful embroidery. We care about your deadlines and will do whatever is required to accommodate them. We will not let you down!

We digitise in-house and have a combination of machines that allow us to cater for wide range of work, and order size, big or small. We also do personalization and Screen-printing.

We embroider onto made up garments (T-shirts, Golfers, PPE and Security clothing, Fleece, Blazers, Jackets, Scarfs, Ties, Beanies) panels, hats, caps, bags, leather and more.... We provide service to corporate & promotional,  leisure & events, Film and entertainment, Safety and Security, Schools & Educational sectors, as well as personal gifts and occasions. 

Embellissh! also provides a limited range of Apparel as convenience to our clients who need a one stop solution and do not have the the or resources to shop around for Caps, Hats, T Shirts, Golfers, Fleece, and more.

This is an experienced, capable and passionate team.

Give us a shout and let’s see how we can help..



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  1. make (something) more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features.

"blue silk embellished with golden embroidery"

transitive verb. 1 : to make beautiful with ornamentation : decorate a book embellished with illustrations. 2 : to heighten the attractiveness of by adding decorative or fanciful details : enhance embellished our account of the trip.

There is nothing more beautiful, pure and powerful than Truth itself, for pure Truth is the fibre of reality, its life itself, even love. Where there's no love, truth will fade, where there is no truth, love will fade. Be Embellished by Truth.... JC Smith

Recently Embellissh! and Cape Branding Services streamlined in a collaboration to offer Embroidery and Screen-Printing under one roof, and provide the best quality and value to our clients. CBS has been a leader in the industry for many years and similar to Embellissh! remains with a core team with specialized skills and experience allowing for top quality and service at competitive pricing. Specializing in Garments and Panels, Mugs, Pens, Lighters, Pens, Umbrellas, general internal signage and more..... 

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