Terms & Conditions

Lead time :   Digitising: 2-4 workdays, depending on workload and approval feedback, plus Production: 2-7 workdays from receiving garments, subject to approval, and workload. 

Payment: COD (strictly on or prior to collection).  Interest will be charged on outstanding COD balances after 7 days. 30 Day accounts available subject to successful credit application. Embellish (Pty) Ltd reserve all rights, goods remain possession of Embellish until fully paid. 

Risk: Goods are covered for theft and fire whilst on the premises. Embellish prides itself on quality and service, and takes responsibility for theft, negligence, or wilful deviation from instructions. Whilst all precaution and diligences applied to ensure quality and service, production realities may lead to damage, undesired quality or specs, or spoils of a garment. 

Although photos or email proofs may be acceptable in certain cases, we cannot take responsibility for claims against work approved over media and that was not signed off on a physical production copy. 

Embellish cannot take responsibility for incorrect specs or undesired quality if work was not physically approved with a signed production copy. It is the responsibility or the agent or client to make sure that they are provided with a physical production sample for signature. It is advised to allow extra production time for physical approval of the production copy. In cases where signature by the end-user is not possible, the agent takes responsibility for his client as proxy, we cannot accept responsibility for a claim by a 3rdparty, if the production sample has been approved by the agent. 

High cost items are high risk, and orders need to specify high cost items which may affect the quoted price as special provision and care need to be taken during job management. Embellish try to maintain sustainable margins and it is not possible to recover or cover our clients profit margins as a tail end service provider. Embellish will cover 40% of the garment cost or the direct production cost of a panel (recommended) in the case of a spoil due to production errors. Please note that we cannot cover travel, transport, or other secondary cost claims. 

Although we strive to be responsive whilst maintaining high quality, express jobs(shorter than the average lead times mentioned above), may require extra shifts, extra handwork which would not have been costed or scheduled, it also increases the risk of spoils or errors. In such cases it may be necessary to apply express rates. Please try to schedule and plan reasonable lead times for production. 

Please make an appointment for drop-off and collections to ensure best possible service and disruption of work schedules 

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